Difficult Choice of Investment for Hong Kong Investors

CityLinkers, a consultancy company from Hong Kong is offering financial and funding services at competitive pricing. The services include the BVI Offshore Company Setup and Cayman Fund Investment, as well as a range of other programs for clients that want to invest in Hong Kong or offshore.

The British Virgin Islands is one of the largest hedge funds offshore jurisdictions worldwide. The ultra-beneficial programs and low taxes attract investors from different parts of the world, including Hong Kong. CityLinkers provides professional  BVI Offshore Company Setup to new and experienced investors. Therefore, even people that never invested before can request CityLinkers’ guidance and establish a company in the British Virgin Islands.

The CityLinkers team will explain all the pros and cons of the program to the client during the first consultation. They will also explain the development of the  BVI Offshore Company Setup. If the client is willing to invest, CityLinkers will be ready to begin the ambitious journey!

Cayman Fund is another tax regime that encourages people from Hong Kong to invest offshore. In this case, the destination is the Cayman Islands.

The CityLinkers group also leads clients through the entire Cayman Fund Investment process. They provide a one-stop audit service and the company has extensive experience with this program. CityLinkers has been helping investors with the Cayman Island Investment funds for more than 4 years. The fund size of their clients is over 1+ billion USD.

This team is ready to give professional advice, review documentation, ensure that the client is fulfilling the regulation and compliance, and assist in any other activity related to the Cayman Fund. By hiring CityLinkers, clients will have reliable, experienced partners that will make the way to success easier and faster.