Employee Training Solution for Recruitment Agencies

UC Now is a Virtual Info Day Solution that served as the main platform for online meetings to various reputable institutions during the COVID-19 quarantine. It was a stable Employee Training Scheduling Solution to recruitment companies across the world; allowing them to operate as close to normal as possible.

The Virtual Info Day Solution offers a pre-built event template and private cloud hosting. It features the Job Centre workflow-driven automation that functions as an outstanding Employee Training Scheduling Solution. The software works for job seekers by providing advanced filters that help them find job listings that match their abilities quickly. For employers, on the other hand, the platform offers automated scheduling for interviews. Users can choose up to 3 time slots and the program will schedule the meetings automatically. The Employee Training Scheduling Solution will notify the candidates about the time of the interviews and send reminders to ensure all sides are present.

The idea of UC. Now is to become so much more than a software that helps recruiters urgently when they cannot meet potential job candidates in person. Since the Virtual Info Day Solution proved to be extremely efficient and stable, recruitment agencies are continuing to use it even after most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. For that reason, UC. Now is constantly implementing the platform and making new partnerships. In the future, UC. Now has a great potential to become an essential tool for online meetings and talent recruitment globally. The company is not taking this opportunity for granted so users can frequently see upgrades and extensions that make the platform even more convenient to job seekers and recruiters.