How to Suceed in China Marketing

To succeed in China Marketing, social media marketing is a must. But you may wonder how to start with social media marketing. To adopt this, you can start with knowing the popular social media platforms in China. 

WeChat is one of the most popular social media platforms which you could get leads and business in your China Marketing campaign, especially the social media marketing campaign. Not only messaging in WeChat, people can also use it for making payments, finding useful information as well as sharing interesting stories with friends. From large companies to start-up, they all can make use of WeChat to communicate and connect with their potential customers. 

Another social media platform will contribute to your social media marketing campaign and China marketing campaign is TikTok. This platform is mainly for short videos. It is more favorable for people to watch videos than texts, especially the short one. This gives the brand to showcase their new products, promotion and new features to their followers and users which greatly affect the consumers behavior in  the customer journey of building awareness, increase consideration, sales and revenue. 

Another social media platform you should know is XiaoHongShu. This app provides a one-stop solution from social media to e-commerce. For brands like you, you can sell your company’s products and interact with your customers by simply setting up an official account. With the logistic provided by it, customers can enjoy one-stop shopping experience which largely help you increase sales and revenue in your social media marketing campaign as well as China marketing campaign.