Learn more about LPF HK

Are you interested in learning more about LPF HK? Below are some FAQs and answers for you. I hope you find them useful. First, “How long does it take to issue the Certificate of Registration of LPF HK?” It takes around 4 working days. Second, “How do I collect the certificate?” Come in person to the Registry’s office and collect it by presenting your identity card or passport. Third, “What if my application for LPF HK is unsuccessful, can I have any refund?” Only HK$2555 will be refunded. The remaining HK$479 is lodgment fee and therefore is non-refundable. Fourth, “What do I get upon the registration of a LPF HK?” A “Certificate of Registration of a Specified Fund as a Limited Partnership Fund” will be issued. Fifth, “How should a LPF HK be constituted?” It must be constituted by at least one limited partner under a written agreement.

Going for Cayman Fund is a good idea too. One common question about Cayman Fund is the document needed for the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) registration. REEFS Application Form, Certificate of Incorporation/Registration, Constitutive Documents, Auditor’s letter of consent, and Structure Chart are needed. Go explore more and see if it suits you!