LPF set up and the relationship with BVI company

The businesspeople in Hong Kong have an outstanding opportunity to utilize the benefits of the LPF Setup. LPF, which is an abbreviation of Limited Partnership Funds, allows the registration of eligible private funds as limited partnerships. The goal of the program is to protect the benefits of investors and provide efficient investment management.

The LPF Setup does not require minimum capital. The contracts for partners have more freedom compared to the standard business programs and there is a notable absence of statutory investment restrictions. With the relatively new framework that took place on 31st August 2020, the Government of Hong Kong aims to attract the registration of private investment funds. The response to the program so far has been satisfying.

CityLinkers, a consultancy company in Hong Kong, assists partners with the LPF Setup. This company collects all the documents for the application and helps clients submit the forms adequately, which accelerates the admission.

Investors can also set up a BVI Offshore Company under the guidance of CityLinkers. The British Virgin Islands is a popular location for business people because of numerous benefits that include flexible tax regimes. While the LPF Setup focuses on improving certain business aspects in Hong Kong, the BVI program revolves around the firm registration outside Hong Kong’s borders.

The BVI Offshore Company setup provides simple company management, legal tax savings, and impacts brand-building positively. CityLinkers experts help clients register the company offshore following all the laws and regulations. As a part of the BVI Offshore Company service, CityLinkers offers continual assistance even after the successful registration. Thus, clients will have a trustworthy, qualified partner to rely on at all times.