Virtual Info Day Solution for Educational Institutions


Prestigious Universities in Hong Kong partner with UC. Now as they acknowledge the power and importance of a Virtual Info Day Solution. One of the elite educational institutions that collaborate with UC. Now is the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The representatives of the University installed the on-premise Digital Expo™ Platform for a variety of career planning activities. UC. Now serves as an outstanding Online Staff Training Platform HK and members can also use it for online lessons, and virtual meetings of parents and teachers, among other possibilities.

The Registration Centre of the Virtual Info Day Solution includes features for invitation management, RSVP automation, pre-event reminders, and batch account creation. Using the Online Staff Training Platform HK is easy and simple. The developers created every part of the UC. Now software in a way that will be user-friendly to all types of users; those with little to no IT knowledge, as well as those with advanced knowledge in modern technologies.

Educators and trainers can use the Online Staff Training Platform HK for simplified event creation and scheduling. Administrators of the channels can invite participants with only a few clicks and schedule meetings accordingly. All the administrator has to do is enter the information of other users they want to meet and the system will create an entire schedule. Selected users will receive a notification about the time of the meeting automatically. The Virtual Info Day Solution will also send reminders before the meeting to ensure all members attend the gathering timely.