Youth Mental Health Service – Key to Better Future

KELY Support Group is a nonprofit organization in Hong Kong that has been offering highly-efficient Youth Mental Health Service since 1991. At the time of KELY’s establishment, mental health was not receiving enough attention in society. Not many educational institutions around the world had well-developed programs that focused on students’ mental health. The mission of KELY was to change that. The organization started to collaborate with schools and communities willing to help young people learn how to manage their emotions, cope with stress and work for a successful future.

Three decades after its foundation, KELY Support Group is extremely proud of its results. Youth Mental Health Service is not optional anymore – it is a necessity. Society has drastically changed in recent years as well. Teenagers live in the time of social media which puts additional pressure on them. Also, drugs and alcohol are (unfortunately) easily obtainable so the risk of addiction is high. KELY offers effective programs that teach young students how to avoid harmful substances and take care of mental health.

One of KELY’s initiatives with a great impact on youth is Coolminds. In partnership with Mind HK, the Group promotes mental health awareness and provides support to young people in Hong Kong. The Youth Mental Health Service makes people feel valued, respected, and seen. It gives them answers to critical questions, while assisting in stress management and drug prevention.

KELY Support Group is inviting more educational institutions to acknowledge the importance of mental health. They can implement existing programs with an effective mental health service that will affect young people, society, and future generations of students in Hong Kong.