A Place Where to Find a New Favorite Food

Tsuen Wan food court is a sensation in Hong Kong that every tourist needs to experience! Locals are already familiar with it and they cannot go a week (some even one day) without visiting Nina Mall and enjoying delightful foods of different world cuisines.

Nina Mall is a flagship mall with an amazing shopping and dining experience. It is a modern center with over 400 parking spaces available, which is one of the features that guests find extremely convenient. Finding a parking space in the Tsuen Wan area is not easy, considering its high traffic. Nina Mall, as a center that cares for all the clients, ensured that its visitors don’t have any problems with their vehicles. They can park safely and enjoy the Tsuen Wan food court free of worries.

Some of the categories that guests can find at the Tsuen Wan food court are Asian Delights, Western Delicacies, and Chinese Cuisines, among others. There are over 20 restaurants at the mall, all with different menus and specialties! Most people that try the delicious meals at the Nina Mall come out with new favorite foods.

Regular customers of the Nina Mall can enjoy numerous benefits after joining the VIP Club. As members, clients can collect points and use them for amazing discounts, deals, and other innovative features. Interestingly, VIP members can transfer their points to other members and enabling them to take advantage of Nina Mall’s great benefits as well! VIP points are great gifts for any Nina Mall client, which is one of the reasons the VIP Club is larger every day!