Lifestyle Paper Products for Edutainment Platforms

The popularity of lifestyle paper products is growing worldwide. One of the first companies that promoted this trend decades ago in Hong Kong is Hung Hing, a prestigious company known regionally; especially in Asia, as well as its Vietnam printing network.

Hung Hing provides solutions to every idea. A creative team ensures to follow the visions and instructions of its clients and produce the best products that will meet their expectations and send a desired message. Lifestyle paper products are especially popular among edutainment platforms, with a long list of them collaborating with Hung Hing regularly. This company recently showed its great versatility by collaborating with various educational platforms for children, including Yum Me Play, iiTutors, and Stem Plus.

International partnerships of Hung Hing are greatly showcased in Vietnam printing. This company collaborates with various major companies in Vietnam that found an ideal partner in Hung Hing that can follow their innovative ideas and deliver rigid boxes, books, puzzles, and other lifestyle paper products of the highest quality.

Apart from Vietnam printing, Hung Hing collaborates with multiple international companies, which contributes to the growth of its global presence. Proving its quality continuously opens outstanding opportunities for Hung Hing in the global market. Thus, it is expected that this printing company will soon become one of the leaders of the industry worldwide, after already claiming that position in Asia.

Versatility is one of the top features that make Hung Hing different from its competitors. This company does not only offer book printing but a range of services and styles that can suit any client.