Sophisticated Prestige Coupe: Perfect Yacht for Stylish People

The quality of Prestige Coupe boats is undeniable and all real yacht admirers are aware of it. This brand was created over 20 years ago and its premium models are present all around the world. With more than 2,500 owners of Prestige yachts worldwide, the reputation of the manufacturer has been in constant increase for two decades.

Prestige Coupe models typically follow a simplistic, sophisticated style with 360-degree panoramic views. People that are looking for comfort, great performance, and a home-likely feeling will be more than happy to buy a Prestige watercraft.

Asia Yachting is a dealership and brokerage in Hong Kong that offers a variety of Prestige Coupe yachts to clients in the region. Interested customers can purchase new, pre-owned, and custom boats from this reliable dealer and broker. Yacht enthusiasts can find different series of the brand in the Asia Yachting catalogs, including X-Line, S-Line, and Flybridge.

The strong connections of Asia Yachting make it possible for customers in Hong Kong to buy any boat they want. Apart from Prestige Coupe, this company collaborates with over 30 other manufacturers. Clients can check out luxury Sunseeker, Fountaine Pajot, Ferretti, and Monte Carlo, among other top-class brands at Asia Yachting.

After purchasing a premium boat, buyers can also request additional assistance from Asia Yachting. One of the popular services is boat management that includes insurance, maintenance, cleaning, and staff recruitment. By ordering boat management, new owners can completely relax and enjoy the yachting experience, without worrying about paperwork or maintenance of the watercraft.