Step Outside of your Wine Comfort Zone

Are you a wine lover? And do you want to know more about wine? If the answer is “Yes”, why not join a Hong Kong wine course at Corvino? At Corvino, they offer exclusive, first-class wine education. One of the courses they have is called WSET Hong Kong, which stands for “The Wine & Spirit Education Trust”. It is an internationally recognized qualification in the wine industry. If you are serious about studying wine, you can even pursue a Master’s of Wine degree after graduating from the WSET Hong Kong wine course.  

The Hong Kong wine course of Corvino is comprised of visiting international guest lecturers, like winemakers and Masters of Wine, and alumni, who have enrolled to gain access to this unique and incredibly informative wine education and networking hub.  

It’s ideal for people in the wine industry to learn more about wine, and for wine enthusiasts who just want to be part of the most elite, wine-only circle in all of Hong Kong.  

I’ve only been a fan of Bordeau wine but the Hong Kong wine course at Corvino changed my mind. After learning more about food and wine pairing and the professional way to appreciate wine, I fell in love instantly with Spanish and Italian wine. I do think joining a course helps expand the comfort zone of wine lovers.