The Leading Brokerage of Italian Motor Yacht Models

Italians are exceptionally passionate about yachts, which is easy to notice by looking at the number of luxury yacht manufacturers that come from this country. Asia Yachting, a private dealership, and brokerage is working as the main connector of yacht enthusiasts in Hong Kong to the rest of the yachting world.

At Asia Yachting, clients can purchase a Monte Carlo Italian Motor Yacht, as well as a Used Ferretti Boat. The difference between these two brands and Asia Yachting’s ability to provide these boats to clients in Hong Kong is truly impressive.

Namely, the Italian Motor Yacht Monte Carlo was launched in 2008, which is recent compared to other world-class manufacturers. Ferretti Yachts, on the other hand, was founded in 1982. Customers can order a Used Ferretti Boat for a great price and enjoy the comfort of this outstanding watercraft. These two brands are different as Monte Carlo does not have many classic or vintage yachts, being a relatively new company. On the other hand, Asia Yachting offers sophisticated old-fashioned boats, as well as new yachts that meet the latest standards of the industry.

The versatility of Asia Yachting is clearly shown in the examples of the Italian Motor Yacht Monte Carlo and a Used Ferretti Boat. At this company, every customer can find what they are looking for, whether it’s a vintage pre-owned boat or a brand new, futuristic yacht. In case a specific boat model is not listed in the Asia Yachting’s catalog, customers can file a request and Asia Yachting will get in touch with certified dealers that can deliver the boat to Hong Kong safely.