Top Notch Security System

Guardsec provides a huge selection of top of the line NVR system based Thermal IP Camera. The system will suit any residential or commercial setup which requires security control. Running on the NVR system, our Thermal IP Camera allows wireless connection from cameras to the recorder, allowing a smooth security system and is able to support countless cameras with only one recorder. There is no need for physical electronic connection between cameras and recorders, which will greatly enhance flexibility. The picture quality our Thermal IP Camera provides is outstanding and could include audio recording as well. Not to mention our Thermal IP Camera can provide remarkable thermal detection which is essential for best security. The NVR system also supports facial recognition during the video analysis process, therefore provides further security. The NVR system will also guarantee reliable video transmission, making sure your data is end-to-end encrypted to prevent any security leakage. On the other hand, installation is easy and straightforward with our technical teams’ installation support. The technical team is able to work with you to design the best camera maps that covers all necessary areas. Although the NVR system is priced at a higher range, our team can provide you with a price beat guarantee and you will definitely enjoy a cost-effective security system. Our products are also durable and reliable hence only technical upgrade would be required once a year. With the large range of Thermal IP Camera to choose from, you can build a comprehensive system that fits your needs.